Doctors’ union draws up plans for a string of “escalating” strike actions, which are likely to include the first full walkout by junior doctors in the history of the NHS, reports The Telegraph.

The degree of stress junior doctors are alredy facing was underlined by the tragic events concerning young doctor Rose Polge. She left her shift in a hospital in Devon a week ago after leaving a suicide note apparently referring to Jeremy Hunt and his plans to impose a (slave wage) contract.

Dr Rose Polge has been missing a week. There is now only a slim hope that she went to a place for a good rest. That such a young doctor, who has completed a demanding medical degree,  could even contemplate suicide in relation to her work prospects at the start of her career shows just how difficult the situation of junior doctors is.

And if Jeremy Hunt can impose a contract on the junior doctors, who will be next to have a contract imposed on them? The nurses? The consultants? The police?

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