Thousands of migrants and refugees have been stranded in Greece after Macedonia stopped allowing Afghans in.

Some 5,000 people were stuck on the border at Idomeini and another 4,000 at Piraeus port.

Macedonia said Afghans were not being let in by other countries.

Last week Austria imposed a daily cap of 80 asylum claims, but it allows 3200 migrants to go on to Germany.

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has said that Austria should not let migrants pass through to Germany.

He is right. According to Infowars…

Police Inspector in Stockholm, Lars Alvarsjö, issues a severe warning that the Swedish legal system – which is a cornerstone of a democratic society – is about to collapse.

In an article in Svenska Dagbladet, the police inspector writes that the huge influx of asylum seekers, criminal gangs and religious extremism have stretched the Swedish police to a breaking point.

Police were called 78,000 times to migrant homes in the German state of Nordrheim Westfalen in 2015 alone.

If Germany collapses as a result of the migrant influx, it will have catastrophic repercussions for Austria and for the rest of Europe.

Austria’s strategic goal now has to be to close the Balkan route in a coordinated manner as soon as possible to all illegal migrants, and to return any that do enter illegally to Greece.

In a  separate development, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to be hammering out plans to fly hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal migrants and refugees directly to Germany and to Europe reinforcing the idea expressed by a top psychologist Hans-Joachim Maaz  that she has gone mad.

Europe needs to return to the Dublin regulations. Greece was able to comply with the Dublin rules and stop illegal migrants until Prime Minister Alexis  Tsipras made a policy decision to open its borders and migrant camps. Tsipras can stop illegal migrants again if he reverses his policy decision. Greece does have a navy.

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