Thousands of migrants have started to march along the motorway from Athens to the Macedonian border as chaos engulfs Greece within just a day of the long awaited partial closure of the country’s northern border to Macedonia.


Five thousand migrants arrived in Piraeus from the islands of Lesbos, Kos and Chios yesterday alone in spite of a deployment of NATO ships to the Aegean.

But buses in Piraeus have stopped transporting migrants to Idomeni, the main crossing point, on the Macedonian border, following a decision to tighten border controls.

Austria is hosting a summit of Balkan countries tomorrow to prepare for the coordinated closure of the Balkan route.

Many migrants arriving in Piraeus  yesterday set off on their own from Athens on a choatic march of more tha 700 kilometres along the country’s main motorway, the E75, which passes closes to Larisa.

Meanwhile, at the Macedonian border, Greek police broke up a protest and took many of six thousand migrants stranded in Idomeni and at a nearby petrol station in buses back to Athens.

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos  today called on NATO to stop migrants reaching Greece.


Kammenos openly announced plans to send Islamic terrorists and migrants to northern Europe in March 2015 as a weapon of reprisal.


But as northern European close their borders, the plan to flood Europe with migrants is backfiring.

Greece could soon find itself outside the Schengen zone, the eurozone and flooded with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, or even millions of migrants as spring comes.

After my experiences with Greek Orthodox clergy, lawyers, police and state prosecutors in Larisa, I predict Greece is facing decades of isolation. The staggering level of corruption, criminality and fraud rampant in Greece suggests it is a Byzantine, not a European country. Greece’s role in the engineered migrant crisis and euro crisis also suggests it is dangerous to allow it to remain in the core EU area.

I personally feel very sorry for the average Greek person, who has to suffer the consequences of this staggeringly criminal ruling clique. It’s up to them to take action. I hope the farmers oust Tsipras through their blockade before the country undergoes collapse.


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