The crimes of Greece’s bankster Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his predecessors are many. And many of them, from the fractional reserve bank debt scam to the engineered migrant crisis, have been documented on this blog.

Largely as a result of those crimes, Greece is on the verge of collapse, of mass impoverishment, of ejection from the Schengen and Eurozone,  and it is the time to confront Tsipras.

In a questionable move, Supreme Court prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani  has ordered the farmer’s motorway blockades to be cleared on the grounds they violate the law.


But that same prosecutor drags her feet when it comes to prosecuting the  flagrant crimes of Tsipras and his bankster cronies in government.  Tsipras is given impunity to commit the same fractional reserve banking fraud, which has led to bankers and politicians in Iceland to be jailed. He is allowed to bankrupt farmers, lawyers, doctors, virtually everyone in the country, through a fraud involving the private creation of money.

Koutzamani said that preventing the free movement of goods and people is an offense punishable by law, and police should remove the farmers’ blockades.

Well, trying to murder a journalist is also against the law. So why is there no swift action from State prosecutor Koutzami in my case? Why do I have to wait ten months for a Larisa state prosecutor to prepare to issue an opinon, and only to find out there has been a vast cover up involving handwritten notes to direct the investigation to the wrong place, person and money transfers?

I allege there is enough proof that Tsipras was involved in the de facto murder attempt against me in April on account of my journalism activities to warrant an investigation into him.

Report English

Report Greek

Beweismittel 1

I was able to prove that Tsipras, along with his associate Billionaire George Soros, has direct, personal knowledge of my blog.

Section 4 Eng

Teil 4 Beweismittel Gr

In my report to the Larisa state prosecutors in January, I alleged that that proof made him and Soros the prime suspects in the murder attempt against me in April 2015. Tsipras has a motive and the means in the form of networks in Greece, which he can improperly influence.

The vast cover up of that murder attempt by Larisa police and justice officials and lawyers treinforces the notion that Tsipras or some very high level political figures were involved.

Final Engl court

stamped copy

Larisa police corruption

Evidence 2

Also, Tsipras enjoys very good relations with the Archbishop of Athens, who is technically a government employee drawing a government salary as do most Orthodox clergy.

I cordially invite European governments to support my efforts for justice in Greece.

With political pressure, a thorough investigation could be launched and enough evidence collected to and convict and prosecute Tsipras. And Soros too.

Even without a court conviction, Tsipras can be convicted in the courts of public opinion.

Greek police and state prosecutors should stop using the law to protect a criminal leader and start legal action to clap him in jail following the model of Iceland.

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