Every European country has fallen behind Austria in its push to stem the influx of migrants into northern Europe by closing the Balkan route.

The nine West Balkans states, the Visegrad four, France, Germany (minus Angela Merkel and a handful of her lapdogs), Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and other countries have displayed a welcome unity in confronting Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. They have shown that European countries are able to act effectively and agree together on important issues.

What has been the response of the increasingly isolated Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to  a very reasonable request to use the Greek navy and employ policies to stem the influx of migrants flooding into Europe?

Tsipras has replied with threats, blackmail, insult, slander, thereby, ensuring his total isolation.

In a fit of petulance, he has now stamped hi foot and refused a visit by Austria’s Interior Minister Johanna Mikl Leitner, perhaps the last politician with real power willing to talk to him. Mikl Leitner is only Tsipras’ most vocal critic. Behind her stands every single Interior Minister in Europe.

Although given plenty of warning that the Balkan border was going to close and told many times he needed to reverse his open borders policy, Tsipras and the NGOs linked to figures like George Soros have made no preparation for sheltering and feeding the thousands of migrants now pouring into Greece.

On the contrary, Tsipras and his ministers have tried to use the chaos and humanitarian crisis that has resulted from his lack of preparation as a bargaining chip.

Tsipras’ cynical maneuvre has backfired. Greeks wake up this morning to find that their country is being led by a cross between a mafia boss, a lunatic and an idiot.

On top of Tsipras’s disastrous economic and financial impact (capital controls, crushing taxes), they now find themselves having to deal with thousands of desperate migrants.

According to the media, 20,000 migrants have been stranded in just a few days.

Farmers tried to storm the agricultural ministry in Thessaloniki with tractors yesterday to prevent crushing taxes which would bankrupt most of them.

Now, these same desperate Greeks trying to stave off total ruin, have to find ways of helping thousands of desperate Muslim migrants, some armed with knives, and without any help from the government.

Thousands of migrants pouring into Athens on ferries, have been forced to set up camps and sleep on open squares with no police presence.

To reduce the chaos on the mainland, Tsipra has stopped ferries from the Aegean islands. But the result is to transfer the crisis and chaos from the mainland to the islands of Lesbos, Chios and Samos. There are, in the meantime, so many migrants that the local people fear they will soon be forced to immigrate.

To stop the collapse of the islands, some ferries are still being allowed to transport migrants to Piraeus but only half as many.

Migrants are to be offered sheltered in three ferries to be anchored in the harbours of
Lesbos, Chios und Samos.

Those migrants who do make it to mainland Greece find no infrastructure for them. The NGOs have also failed to provide permanent camps for them.

Desperate migrants are setting off on foot along the motorways to get to the Macedonia border. The  camp at the main border crossing is also overflowing. Four thousand people are now in the camp and surrounding fields. Macedonia has only let through 260 people in the past 24 hours.

Police have stopped buses trying to reach Idomeni, forcing people to spend the night in fields in Tempe close to Larisa.

Meanwhile, the Greek navy lies idle.

As Greece sinks into chaos, the threat of being ejected from the Eurozone grows. But there are no plans either for the reintroduction of the Drachma as sovereign money.

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