The lawyer who has been helping me to protect my right to present my case fully , and by signing a declaration that he is on strike, has been summoned to the Interior Ministry in Athens on Monday. That means, he will not be able to help me when the next hearing on the defamation lawsuit is scheduled on Monday noon.

Another lawyer has stepped in and offered to sign a strike declaration to allow the hearing to be postponed again.

Lawyers have extended their nationwide strike until March 16th.

A translation of a new set of criminal charges against Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou for lying under oath at the civil court in Larisa will be ready to be filed by Monday.

Theodekti was helped to present perjured evidence by lawyers Simos Samaras and Konstantinos Christopoulos, who broke a nationwide strike to file a defamation lawsuit knowing that their claims were false claims.

Aware of the new code of civil court procedures which can into effect on January 1st, 2016, requiring everyone to be represented by a lawyer in civil courts, and aware that all other lawyers were on strike, and aware that, I could, therefore, not find a lawyer to present my case, Samaras, Christopoulos and Theodekti gave false evidence to the court and attempted to pressure judges into issuing a default judgement or temporary injunction on the basis of a substantial violation of procedure.

Moreover, Theodekti tried to suppress evidence from essential witness Theoktisti Nicola Emsley by making false statements in Theoktisti’s name to the court while Theoktisti herself made no sworn statement.

In particular, Theodekti tried to deny any personal, direct knowledge of the contents of my blog.

Theodekti gave an oral statement to me in April 2015 saying that it was my journalistic activities which were the reason for her de facto murder attempt, the subject of an investigation Delta 15 2018, after a stay of eighteen months.

Theodekti also attempted to usurp the right of Theoktisti Emsley to give evidence by making false statements in her name.


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