It is clearly a case of the misuse of a defamation lawsuit in a civil court to intimidate and suppress evidence of wrong doing by police, state prosecutors and lawyers in Larisa currently in the criminal courts, and it should be dismissed immediately.

I was informed today that the criminal case concerning these activities has gone to the highest court in Greece, the Supreme Court or Aeropago in Athens.

You can read the charges in Greek  here…Uploading the evidence is difficult because the files are so large, but I will seek to split the evidence into smaller files.

stamped copy

Let’s hope Judge Ragani at Larisa civil court really does read the substantial evidence I gave her today and that dismisses the lawsuit of Simos Samaras, which is the attempt to use a civil case to attack the freedom of the press and suppress evidence of criminal wrong doing being examined by courts in Greece.

My blog gives information that helps the people of Greece and to attack my blog is to attack the people of Greece too. I explain about the risks of epidemic vaccines. I explain how the fractional reserve banking system works to rob the people of Greece. I have given hard proof that Alexis Tsipras and George Soros read my blog and even copy from it. Of course, Tsipras, as a reader of my blog, must hope to silence my criticism of him.

At any rate, I have been told she will issue a preliminary judgement tomorrow. I have to be at the court at 2 pm.

I suspect that judge Ragani will issue a temporary injunction because her approach to the whole case suggests bias. Should anyone be surprised considering it is evidence of the wrong doing of her colleagues, state prosecutors in Larisa, as well as the Larisa police which is the subject of my blog posts?

The whole procedure today was conducted in a way that put me at a disadvantage. I went to the court again to have the formality of having the case postponed, so I was informed. But judge Ragani did not postpone the hearing as expected. She rejected the oral declaration of a lawyer stating she was on strike and she rejected also a written statement that the lawyer obtained from the Larisa bar association that she was on strike.

The lawyer who has been helping me postpone the case was summoned to Athens by the interior ministry today, so he was not available.

It is not clear why he was called to Athens by the Interior Ministry, why he had to go there today so urgently given the fact he is on strike. But given the involvement of the Interior Ministry and police in perverting the course of justice in my case, it cannot be ruled out he is being subjected to improper influence.

Anyway, without warning, I suddenly found myself required to represent my case but without warning and time to prepare. Finally, the judge granted me until 3 pm to collect all my evidence, which I did. I handed it all over.

If judge Ragani issues a verdict that prohibits me from putting solid  evidence of wrongdoing of justice and police officials in Larisa in collusion with lawyers on my blog it will be undermine the image of Greece even more in the eyes of the world.



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