Ahead of the hearing on the defamation lawsuit of XX on 8th April in Larisa, I have emailed Greek MPs and news organizations information about my case.

I have been told documents AP 372 and Detla 15 218 are currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court in Athens, the Areios Pagos. They catalogue a vast cover up by police, state prosecutors, lawyers and Orthodox clergy of a de facto murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities in April 2015 in Greece, a cover up so vast it reinforces the notion that Greek Prime Alexis Tsipras may somehow be involved.

I allege lawyer XX and his associate Theodekti Vallianatou have been trying to misuse a civil defamation lawsuit to suppress evidence of that wrong doing which is documented in criminal charges.  Indeed, the judge rejected XX’ request for a temporary injunction last week, presumably because the evidence is so overwhelming.

It seems I can call one witness for the hearing on 8th April, and I will call Theoktisti Emsley.  

A great deal of effort seems to have been made to suppress her witness statement as documented in Gamma 16 508. If Theoktisti Emsley is able or allowed to testify and if she does give a factual and accurate account of events in April 2015, then it lead to the rapid conviction of Theodekti Vallianatou and fuel speculation about the involvement of other clergy in a criminal cover up, possibly also the Bishop of Volos, if not the Archbishop of Athens himself.

This places Theoktisti Emsley in a difficult position. The Orthodox Church is obliged to recognize this and make sure that she stays safe and healthy or face the consequences. I emailed the Bishop of Volos last week, giving him ample time to make sure Theoktisti Emsley is not abroad or  unable for some other reason to attend the April 8th hearing.

Interestingly, Alexis Tsipras is meeting Archbishop Ieronymous of Athens tomorrow for a chat. Local media report they hold frequent meetings and are on good terms.

The criminal charges and evidence are collected here for the record:

Delta 15 218 Report

Delta 15 218 Evidence 1

Delta 15 218 Evidence 2

Delta 15 218 Evidence 3

Delta 15 218 Evidence Tsipras

AP 372 Report comp

AP 372 Evidence 1

AP 372 Evidence 2

AP 372 Extra 8

Gamma 16 508 Report

Gamma 16 508 Evidence comp



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