Been busy trying to track down a copy of my original charges filed at Larisa police station on April 22nd 2015, protocol number 1053/3/316. A lawyer told me I have the right to a copy of this protocol. But finding it is proving time consuming.

Yesterday I went to the above mentioned police station in Larisa to locate a copy and was told the file was at Ajia police station.  I went to Ajia this morning.

The police could only find a fax just sent from Larisa with the number  1053/3 1053/3/316 but with the wrong person… a substantial breach of duty of care or violation of procedure. It’s a disgrace. The Larisa police officers are incompetent and a disgrace that they mix up essential protocol numbers.

The police in Ajia seemed clueless about my case, which is strange when you consider it’s a small, country police station and almost half the local monastery minus the essential witnesses were allegedly questioned there according to state prosecutor Christina Fasoula. Also, a new prosecutor was assigned my case a month ago. By now, that prosecutor should have started an investigation. Suspects should have been questioned. But judging from my visit to Ajia, nothing has happened.

It’s a disgrace. How long do I have to wait before there is a real investigation?  I have a right to justice and I have a right to speedy justice. I have been denied that right.

Anyway, after one and a half hours, police in Ajia identified a police report 1053/351o and told me it was at the court in Larisa. I went there and was told that the file is with state prosecutor Papajoanou, who will be in on Wednesday, 23 March. The secretary kindly offered to ring her and ask her to bring the file with her so I can make a copy of my charges on Wednesday.

Meanwhile I have received another summons from one Konstantia Sophianidou to Larisa police station on Monday. I hope this time I am going to be questioned in relation to my original charges and be able to give testimony but I have to wait to talk to my translator to find out what the summons says. I rang the police station and they could not tell me why I am summoned. I suspect it’s going to be more harassment but wait to see.


It’s been a disgrace so far and I suspect that disgrace will continue even as Greece collapses all around the police and justice officials.

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras want to build a new migrant agreement on the basis of the Greek justice officials who, as readers of this blog can see,  cannot even tell me where essential documents are, who confuse, accidentally or deliberately, essential file numbers, and who have conducted a campaign of harassment against me since I provided evidence of their wrong doing.

I cannot help contrast the speed with which I am summoned by police and state prosecutors in Larisa to harass me with their inaction in investigating the original crime.

A disgrace.

Yes, Greek justice officials are now supposed to process thousands, if not hundreds of thousands,  of migrant applications as part of a deal with Turkey. Who believes Greek justice officials are competent enough to distinguish between genuine asylum seekers or honest enough to do so? I don’t after my experiences. Read my blog. Read my criminal charges and you  will understand why.

The way to end irregular migration is for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to close the borders of Greece, return to the status quo ante. There were detention centres, migrants did not have a permit to stay in Greece for six months as I understand they have now.  Very generous! But look at the squalor that the migrants are left in in Idomeni! It is a disgrace. 

The Greek Interior Minister Panagiotis  Kouroumblis has compared Idomeni with Dachau.  He is right.  He is the Nazis of 2016. Tsipras and Kouroublis are  leaving the people to starve on Greek soil in Idomeni.   Kouroumblis should be brought to trial for crimes against humanity like the Nazis were at Nuremberg.

My advice to everyone is stay away from Greece. Too dangerous even for a holiday in my view. Even tourists need to be able to rely on a justice system that functions in case they get into trouble. They can’t.

Personally, I am beginning to loathe the country. I cannot wait to leave Greece but I will only leave when I have gotten justice. No one,  no Greek person, will defraud me, assault me, and attempt to murder me and then lie  and harass me with impunity. I will not accept that. I have rights too.  The Greek people might roll over in the face of this corruption but I will not roll over.

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