Went to Larisa police station this morning as ordered. The police officer on duty, a polite, reasonable enough person following instructions from her superiors, told me a Larisa state prosecutor advised me to remove a blog post describing how XX had falsely accused me of stealing 14 pages of my own blog posts in his own Greek translation.

I was told my blog post would inflame the defamation hearing, which is scheduled for 8th April 2015, provided the lawyers are not on strike.

If I would not take down the blog post, I was asked to. at least, change the name of XX to S.S.

At that point I began to wonder. Am I in some nightmare version of Orwell’s 1984? In Kafka’s The Process? Or in a Micky Mouse comic?

I mean, the initials S.S. are going to attract far more attention to my blog post, not less. More people are going to get interested in a case concerning a person designated “S.S.” That did not seem to occur to XX.

Also, the state prosecutor should note I was the one who won the temporary injunction case against XX on March 7th.

That means I have the right to publish evidence of the wrong doing of XX and others.

If XX does not want more blog posts mentioning his offences, then he should not commit any more offences. As long as he commits more offences, such as falsely accusing of me of stealing 14 pages of my own blog posts in his Greek translation,  I have the right to publish evidence about it.

Also, putting evidence of XX false accusations does not inflame any hearing as the state prosecutor claims. It just helps cement a picture of consistent wrong doing on his part which will facilitate his conviction.

Now, it may be a coincidence that the summons from the police carried the date of the day when I went to Larisa police station to ask about the original police protocol of the original crime on April 22 2015. It may be a coincidence that the summons delivered to me the next day when I complained about Larisa police station sending documents with the wrong person named under key protocol numbers. Or  then again, it may not be a coincidence.

I certainly had the impression the police officer this morning was not interested in reading my evidence. Instead, she repeatedly told me though a police woman going off duty who spoke English that the state prosecutor ordered, suggested advised me to take down the blog post.

Anyway , I was prepared and handed over to the police officer my explanation translated into Greek whether she wanted it or not.

Here it is…

SS lawsuit

XX can file another lawsuit over my blog post if he so wishes. He will lose again.

And what did the last XX lawsuit achieve?

It achieved that a close working relationship between XX and Theodekti was established in as far as XX called Theodekti as his witness.

It achieved that Theodekti Vallianatou revealed herself to the entire world to be a hardened liar. She perjured herself under oath at court, and was proven to do within a couple of hours and in a manner which allows of no defence and requires no investigation.

My emails are enough to prove she was lying in her main claims that she and Theoktisti did know about the content of blog. My emails and bank statements prove I write to the Bishop of Volos asking for my defrauded money back, something I am entitled to do.

The XX lawsuit also gives me the right to call a witness as part of the hearing on April 8th. That means I can finally call essential witness Theoktisti Emsley. True, Theoktisti is in the unenviable position of having to chose between giving a factual account, and ending up convicting or implicating higher up Orthodox clergy. Or attempting to give a false account, and ending up being convicted of perjury herself.

In short, I go into the hearing on April 8th with a much stronger hand in my criminal case as a result of XX’ defamation lawsuit.

Larisa police and state prosecutors should realize protecting colleagues who violate procedures is not their job.

Protecting ordinary people is their job. It is the ordinary people who benefit from my information about pandemic vaccines and the private creation of money. The justice and police officials should look around them at the catastrophic state of their country and start taking some personal responsibility for this unfolding disaster.

As a gesture of goodwill to the Larisa justice officials, who were relatively polite and reasonable today, I will remove mention of them from my blog post. They should not interpret that as a sign of weakness., but as a sign that I capable of a more nuanced approach.



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