Germany’s mainstream media reports on crisis actor in Brussels false flag attack

Germany’s Die Welt has reported on the fact that the same 19 year old Mormon missionary has been involved in the Boston Marathon, the Paris as well as Brussels terror attacks.

Die Welt does not use the term crisis actor to describe the high profile involvement of Mormon Mason Wells in all three terror attacks. But the way the report is written implies that the likelihood of the same random person being involved in all three attacks in such different places and at such different times is virtually zero.

Another “crisis actor”, who appeared in the Brussels terror attack, seems also to have been involved in the Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston and Paris terror attacks.

Would you use a hand dripping in blood to hold a mobile phone?

As some one who has had some limited but real life experience of dangerous situations, I can confirm the reaction is one of shock. Danger, threat results in adrenaline rushes, the desire to escape, if physically possible, and in symptoms such as the severe and uncontrollable trembling of hands. I do not believe that anyone who has just been injured in a real explosion could hold a mobile phone in their hand without extreme trembling, let alone dial a number or talk to another person.

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