Authorities in Greece have started to put migrants arriving on the Aegean islands into detention centres.

The detention facilities on the island Chios with a capacity for 1,200 people are already full.

The facilities appear to acting as a deterrent to migrants. A dramatic drop in the number arriving was registered overnight.

The UNHCR has criticizing the new detention facilities, saying they violate human rights.

True, but then again the UNHCR violated human rights in August when it cut off food and other aide to haf a million refugees in Jordan without any warning, thereby triggering an immediate exodus for Europe.

The UNHCR could have reasonably foreseen that it was going to run out of money, could have given adequate warning and could have collected the funds on time.

If the UNHCR really could find no funds, on time, it could have distributed the cuts more fairly across all the refugees instead of cutting off food for half a million people and pushing them overnight into desperation and driving them on a dangerous trek to Europe.


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