Greek Orthodox Bishop smears migrants in “Hate Speech” rant, poem in response

Orthodox Bishop Amvrosios has written an anti migrant rant on his blog.

The bishop is known for his support of the neo Nazi Group Golden Dawn as well as for his anti gay rants.

“Spit on Them, Beat them Up, They Are Not Human,” is how the Pappaspost reports the Bishop’s views on gays.

Shame Bishop Ambrosios doesn’t go to Mount Athos and the island Patmos and talk to the monks there. One local person in Larisa told he was warned not to go to Mount Athos because he might be raped by the monks.

His sister met a doctor who had to treat a monk in Mount Athos injured in an anal sex act. Indeed, when I went to Patmos last year, the local people told me the monks were known to pay for gay sex in cars. When does Ambrosios speak out against the rampant gay sex among Orthodox clergy?

Local people tell me Mount Athos is the ultimate secret society,  drug den.

After all I have experienced, I believe the Orthodox Church is a branch of the mafia.

The kind of vitriol Bishop Ambrosios has expressed against gays, he is now expressing against hapless migrants stranded in Greece, according to a Google translation of his blog post.

Now, every country and culture has a right to feel pride and to protect itself. But no country and culture has a right to hate, or denigrate others.

The migrants are pawns in a geo political game and they deserve our sympathy and our help. There are simply too many migrants for Europe to help on its territory. Other approaches need to be found. That is a reasonable conclusion, and has nothing to do with hatred.
Against Bishop Ambrosios
So, you re a combatant now,
You’ve got no shield, no sword,
But you have to fight to the death,
In Idomeni, in Brussels.

You’re on your way to work, to a beach,
on your way to a new life,
or so you think, in Europe,
and find yourself fighting in an arena.

You’re a prisoner now,
a prisoner trapped by fences, by walls,
trapped in an underground tunnel,
Trapped in Idomeni, trapped in Brussels.

But it’s better to be gladiator,
forced to fight in rivers of blood,
than to be one of the spectators,
watching from the amphitheatre.

A spectator of the suffering of others,
A cold observer, unfeeling,
has lost the fight already,
Is dead, dead already in spirit.

A spectator of life, of suffering,
who incites others to hatred and violence,
is the worst kind of murderer,
a murderer of their hearts and souls.


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