Original police report obtained from Larisa court today, witness statement not attached to right report by police

Went to the Larisa court this morning and was able to obtain the documents I asked for from state prosectuor Papajoanou and without any problem. Everyone was very helpful.

I obtained a copy of the original police report with the protocol number 1053 3 3 16. It recorded my visits to the police station on April 22nd, 2015, and 27th.
I also obtained a copy of the report former lawyer Kostantinos Christopoulos submitted to police officer Evangelos Toutounas on July 31st.

police report

However, my witness statement concerning events on April 22nd was stapled by Larisa police to the wrong report. This failure to maintain accurate records could result in confusion about whether I had given a witness statement on April 22nd at all.

july report

Anyway, I made a written complaint to the court, and requested that my witness statement be attached to the police report with the right date etc.


After all, this April 22nd 2015 statement is the key to the whole investigation. If no one can find my first statement or is unable to recognise my statement in such a huge pile of papers, then it makes a proper investigation of my allegations less likely, if not impossible.

I also asked some question about the file such as who is Th. Ballianatou? What are the charges? I was told I should come back in two months to get some answers enough. Fair enough. It is a huge, and confusing, file and the state prosecutor will need time to find out what the whole thing is about. Indeed, she herself might only have realized that I made substantial allegations against Theodekti Vallianatou today.

Next step, a visit to the Supreme Court or Areos Pagos in Athens to find out the file number of the case there and add these new documents.

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