Junior doctors in the UK are to undertake their first full walkout in the history of the NHS.

Emergency care will not be providied by striking doctors  on 26th and 27th of April.

In fact, emergency care is already not being provided because of government cuts.

The situation is now so dire, that a top doctor has called on the army medics to be drafted in to help save patients at risk from manpower shortages when delievered into casualty departments.

“Casualty departments are on the brink of collapse and hundreds of doctors should be drafted from other duties to avert an immediate crisis, Britain’s most senior Accident & Emergency doctor has said.

Dr Cliff Mann said hospitals across the country were being overwhelmed by “unprecedented” levels of pressure and overcrowding amid desperate shortages of medics.

At several NHS trusts, more than half of A&E shifts for doctors have gone unfilled since a cap on spending on locum medics was introduced, the President of the College of Emergency Medicine said.”

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, who is seeking to impose a slave wage contract on junior doctors, something which will further endanger patient care, is, of course,  an Oxford crony of Prime Minister David Cameron.

And Cameron is member of the secretive Bullingdon Club along with George Osborne, Boris Johnson…and banker Nat Rothschild.

To join the Bullingdon Club, it seems, you need be decadent and a bully.

Once you have proved yourself to be a decadent bully, Bullingdon Club top cat and banker Nat Rothschild? appears to be willing to give you a job in his government.

The job of the government is to implement austerity on behalf of the private banks. Austerity is inevitable because of the private creation of money and the resultant interest, which benefits bankers, who print money out of thin air.

Now particular task of stripping everyone pound from the pockets of the people of the UK requires a decadent bully.

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