Evacuation of Idomeni begins as closed detention centres slow migrant influx to a trickle

Greece has begun evacuating migrants from the main Idomeni camp on the Macedonia border, while the flow of refugees arriving on Aegean islands has slowed to a trickle, officials said Saturday.

Meanwhile, the flow of refugees arriving in Greece is slowing.

Greece on Thursday said no migrants had arrived on its Aegean islands in the previous 24 hours, for the first time since the controversial EU-Turkey deal to halt the massive influx came into force at the weekend.

The agreement, under which all migrants landing on the Greek islands face being sent back to Turkey, went into effect last Sunday.

Despite the deal 1,662 people arrived on Monday, but this fell to 600 on Tuesday and 260 on Wednesday.

On Friday, the number of new arrivals was 161, down to 78 on Saturday, according to official numbers given by the Greek government, while the number of migrants in Greece was 50,236.


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