Just paid another visit to the Larisa court, this time to submit new evidence  to the  state prosecutor who is now handling my case that Theodekti Vallianatou, through Theoktisti, attempted to bribe my former lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos on April 27th 2015. 

Christopoulos admitted to the bribery attempt in a handwritten note in German, which I now have in my possession. This new and key piece of evidence means state prosecutors in Larisa will now have no option but to find the official charges Christopoulos filed at Larisa police station on April 27th 2015 over the bribery attempt, and add them to the file, if they are not there already. 

Former state prosecutor Christian Fasoula gave me to understand in February during a conversation that the entire police report from April 2015 was missing from the file, forcing me to turn into Sherlock Holmes to find evidence of it.

Anyway, this is the submission signed and stamp by the court officials.

Bribery attempt

The next step is a visit to the Areos Pagos in Athens, where I was told by a court official that my case had also gone.

Also, I will prepare to represent myself at the civil libel case hearing on April 8th by familiarizing myself with the rules and procedures etc. I will submit a request for self representation tomorrow arguing there is no sign that the lawyer’s strike is going to end and it is important for me to clear my name and uphold my right to freedom of the media as soon as possible.


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