Ekathimerini has an excellent commentary on the roots of corruption in Greece…

“Corruption is the result of a major crisis of values. This is reflected in leadership with no vision or integrity, corrupt politicians, bureaucracy, and the lack of trust toward democratic institutions. Key institutional pillars of the country need to function properly.

 The remedy is twofold: 1. Establish the rule of law. Here we have already seen some progress. 2. Create better citizens. Prevention measures aiming at cultivating new behaviors and instilling lost values in the younger generations. For this, we need visionary leadership, not only political, but in all sectors of society.”

I can now say I am staggered at the tolerance of corruption in Greece. People excuse corruption among the police, for example, by saying things like “they only earn 500 0r 600 euros a month.”

Actually, they only earn that much because of their own corruption, which is undermining the country. In fact, the whole country is on the verge of collapse because of this  widespread corruption, because of a lack of commitment to anything except short term personal gain.

One example, when I wrote to the Trygve team in Sweden and various IT experts in Greece in November to help adapt an App to prevent foreclosures in Greece, the only reply came from the Trygve team at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, one of the best engineering universities in the world.

Nothing came of this project because not a single person I approached in Larisa or in Greece could apparently be bothered investing their time in preventing potentially hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens becoming homeless, and the Trygve team needed help.

What kind of attitude is that?



As for the justice system, Austrian police, at least, offered to help me in 2010 because they recognised their own children would have suffered from swine flu vaccines etc. That shows they had some love of their children and some commitment to the wider community.

Not a single Greek police officer has ever offered to help me, even although I helped stop the mass vaccination of the entire Greek population with the dangerous swine flu vaccine in 2009. The Greek police seem to be too busy watching soap operas on TV to find out what is going on in the country, and they seem to be too indifferent to their own children to do anything about the corruption.

As for the events in the Greek Orthodox monastery where I was staying in April 2015, I believe they will go down in history as examples of hypocrisy. The Abbess, Theodekti Vallianatou, defrauded me of 100,000 euros using her personal bank account and then tried a a de facto murder attempt against me because of my journalistic activities, (so she openly said it ), and presumably for more monetary gain. Her brother is a mainstream journalist and politician and allegedly a former advisor of Prime Minister George Papandreou, who has played a major role in the financial crisis.  Theodekti and the Bishop of Volos and the Archbishop of Athens are now also implicated in a vast cover up. 

Theodekti Vallianatou has also been proven to have committed serious perjury. But does the Orthodox church care? No. She continues to be left in charge of the monastery in a signal to the whole world that the Orthodox church tolerates the most blatant corruption among its ranks. Until, it seems, the police are forced to go and handcuff her and put her in jail, this woman will be left in charge of the monastery by top ranking Orthodox clergy in spite of the evidence of all her crimes. In fact, a half dozen of the sisters are implicated in various crimes from assault to death threats to perjury.

Not a single police officer, state prosecutor or lawyer involved seems to have had the backbone to say,” we will not destroy a journalist who is helping us with their information.” One year has passed and still absolutely no real investigation seems to have occurred in spite of my offering proof of the perversion of justice.

The few members of Golden Dawn I have met  are replicas of Theodekti Vallianatou. Golden Dawn members are all about taking from society as much as they can, and not about giving anything back to society.

But its the so called left, Syriza, which is treating migrants with such inhumanity in camps like Idomeni.

I have, in the meantime, identified a typical Greek character, which can only be described as the hysterical bully and arrogant sociopath. These individuals seem to have in common, weak, indulgent and ignorant mothers.

A society that produces people who are fixated on getting the next euro dangling before their eyes in the immediate moment and who are ready to murder, lie and commit any crime to get it has no future. A society whose religious institutions and personnel are corrupted to the core with greed needs radical change.

 Until Greece addresses this crisis in values, it will not prosper.

The many  beautiful things about Greece, the many good qualities of its people, will be fatally undermined without integrity, professional pride in doing a good job for its own sake and a readiness to put the good of one’s family, community and country above one’s own. This is the lesson the ancient Greeks had to learn and the modern Greeks have to learn it again.


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