Greek appeals court prosecutor Georgia Tsatani, who is under investigation for allegedly dropping a probe into  banker Andreas Vgenopoulos  has insisted she did not act alone.


In a report to Supreme Court prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani, Tsatani said the probe should be extended to all the justice officials involved in the case.

She has said was pressured by Alexis Tsipras’ Alternate Justice Minister Dimitris  Papangelopoulos to drop the case against the banker, who plunged Cyprus into financial crisis and who owned until recently, among other entities, the company responsible for every aspect of Greek elections, Singular Logic.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Panos Kammenos accused Koutzami of covering up large-scale investigations into kickbacks.

Koutzamani responded by saying that all three of the probes mentioned by Kammenos had been forwarded to the European Union’s agency for cross-border judicial cooperation (Eurojust).

(Hopefully, the files sent were complete and accurate…)


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