Larisa judge will decide at last moment whether I can represent myself for April 8th hearing, not clear if essential witness can be compelled to attend

Just found out that I might be allowed to represent myself at the defamation hearing on Friday April 8th, but judge Sofia Tzivouli will only decide at the last minute…

I complained in writing about her approach. I argue it makes it that more difficult for me to prepare for the hearing if I can’t plan in advance whether it will take place or not.
In addition, I have been told I must bring a lawyer to make the request to represent myself but the lawyer’s strike continues…I don’t know how judge Tzivouli is going to square that circle.

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If the hearing does not take place on April 8th, the next hearing will not be scheduled until May or June. And there is no guarantee that the lawyer’s strike will be over by then either meaning the whole thing could drag out for an unacceptably long period.

I also asked the judge to make sure essential witness Theoktisti Emsley is available on Friday 8th April in case she decides (on some whim?) to hold the hearing. However, it is not clear what degree of compulsion can be applied to get a witness attend for a civil hearing.

Since Theoktisti is inside a monastery, which is, in turn, under the domination of Abbess Theodekti Vallianatou, he  has a limited capacity to make her own decisions, and Theodekti has little motivation to allow her to attend the hearing.

I was advised by a lawyer to make the request for Theoktisti Emsley on Friday if the case is head and she does not appear. The more often I ask for the essential witnesses to be heard, the better.

Also, my lawyer and translator said the court had to supply an interpreter to ensure neutrality.

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