Poem in praise of the Aeropagus, the place where Solon issued the first known Chicago Plan/debt relief

Am off at the weekend, God willing, to Athens to hand in my submission to the Areios Pagos, the Supreme Court.

I was told by a Larisa court official that evidence of a vast cover up in my case has be sent there, and I was advised by a lawyer to find out the file number and the status of the case.

The name of Greece’s Supreme Court, Areios Pagos, is derived from the marble rock, Areopagus, where the council or elders of ancient Athens used to meet to discuss ideas as well as to conduct trials and investigate corruption.

The Areopagus, which is at the base of the Acropolis, is the place where Solon issued the laws that laid the foundation for the world’s earliest democracy.

Part of Solon’s laws or reforms were economic and financial. He issued the first known Chicago Plan  as The Telegraph noted, something Greece, Europe, the UK, USA, Brazil urgently needs now.

“The Athenian leader Solon implemented the first known Chicago Plan/New Deal in 599 BC to relieve farmers in hock to oligarchs enjoying private coinage. He cancelled debts, restituted lands seized by creditors, set floor-prices for commodities (much like Franklin Roosevelt), and consciously flooded the money supply with state-issued “debt-free” coinage.

The Romans sent a delegation to study Solon’s reforms 150 years later and copied the ideas, setting up their own fiat money system under Lex Aternia in 454 BC.”


It was Solon’s reform of the economic and financial as well as the legal system which were the basis of Athens’ prosperity.

Our societies are being crushed into dust by debt.

But marble can never be ground down. And nor can the idea of justice.

As part of my daily bibliotherapy, I wrote a poem about the Aeropagus.

The Aeropagus has an extraordinary magic, a living quality, almost as if the marble has a soul.

The Aeropagus is also, by the way, where Paul gave his famous sermon.



All the steps leading to your heights
are mirrors,

Inside your colossal
mass of marble,
is hidden,

like a rock,
inside a rock,

the eternal idea of justice.

Justice is like marble,
is like light without a shadow,
is like white stone without a fissure.


 I remember visiting the Aeropagus in December 2014, little dreaming about the twists and turns of fate that would bring me to the Areios Pagos Supreme court  one year later. I am just amazed, gob smacked?, at the way life works.


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