Sitting on the Aeropagus this afternoon, I asked myself this question: why would the most famous and greatest court in the ancient world chose to meet on a marble rock? Why did the members not chose to meet in one of the temples or sacred precints in the Acropolis, for example? Or in the Philosopher’s grove or the Agora?

I attempted to answer that question in a poem…



We don’t need to assume any one point of view
on the hill of marble,
the Aeropagus,
we don’t need to look at any single thing,
not even the stunning Acropolis.

We are free to look in any direction,
from a point of elevation,
detached from the city,
from the mountains.

On an elemental piece of marble,
with no form,
all standing points are equal too.

We gather there to search for the truth,
because we are free,
because no point of view is forced on us,
because the marble permits us to be chaotic,
to  think in new ways.

And because we realize the quest for truth is endless,
and each person has to start it,
all over again each day,
looking in all directions.

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