A massive data leak has exposed the way the world’s elite, including leading politicians and members of their families, are hiding their stolen wealth in tax havens.

Ian Cameron, the father of David Cameron, has also been implicated in the Panama tax haven leaks.

“The father of Great Britain’s current Conservative Prime Minister died in 2010, having amassed a fortune in smart investments. According to the documents, “Cameron helped create and develop Blairmore Holdings Inc. in Panama in 1982 and was involved in the investment fund until his 2010 death.” Blairmore was valued at $20 million in 1998 and was promoted to investors in brochures as “not liable to taxation on its income or capital gains.” The promotional literature added that Cameron’s fund “will not be subject to United Kingdom corporation tax or income tax on its profits.”


The Telegraph is reporting live on the “Panama Papers” developments…

Dozen world leaders using tax havens to hide their wealth
David Cameron urged to take action as six peers, three former Tory MPs and ‘dozens’ of party donors are named in leak
72 current or former heads of state implicated, including dictators accused of looting their own countries
Iceland’s PM Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson faces calls to quit
Vladimir Putin’s closest allies channelling millions of pounds through offshore companies


The fact that the mainstream media, including established Globalist media, such as Germany’s Die Suedeeutsche Zeitung, are reporting on the scandal strongly suggests the notion the Globalists are behind the leak. Their aim may be to target resistance to their agenda.

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