Just been preparing a better presentation of the proof that Billionaire George Soros and Greek Prime not only read my blog but copy from it.

Read it here…


Verbatim phrases that Soros lifts from my blog post on 25th September 2015 include

*in a safe and orderly (manner way)
*migrants who do not qualify for asylum
*another political crisis
*Greece and Italy
*the EU should
*the EU needs
*processing centres
*Greece and Italy

In fact, virtually every noun and verb in my pretty short post reappears in his article which was written by him just one day later. See all the words highlighted by red boxes in both articles.

Crucially, my post concerned the approach the EU should adopt to the migrant crisis. Soros made the opposite policy recommendations from mine.

I also improved (I hope) the presentation of the evidence that Tsipras reads and copies from my blog for the various state prosecutors and judges.

Busy with preparing for the defamation hearing on Friday in case it takes place. I have asked the lawyer representing me at the hearing to ask for me to be allowed to present my own case because of the lawyer’s strike.

My lawyer said he thought it would be very hard for XX to win his own defamation lawsuit. His whole approach depended on taking advantage of the fact I had so little time to prepare and the lawyer’s strike.

After a visit to wonderful Athens, I feel recharged with energy. Such a beautiful city!




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