Ireland helps Greek statistician fund legal defence over gigantic fraud

Greece’s former chief of statistics Andreas Georgiou, who is accused of inflating the budget deficit of Greece to find an excuse to place it in the power of, and under the expropriation programme of, the banks, the IMF and EU, is receiving help from Ireland to fund his legal defence. Shame on Ireland!

Gerry O’Hanlon, former head of the Irish statistics service CSO, is launching the crowdfunding initiative for Georgiou’s legal defence fund in March.

O’Hanlon chaired the good practice advisory committee at ELSTAT in 2013-14, it seems.

I would not be surprised if George Soros and his minions contribute to the crowdfunding initiative of Andreas Georgiou, who should be sentenced to as many lifetimes in jail as he has destroyed livelihoods.

As Professor Franz Hoermann explained, banks print money out of thin air. Their loans are not loans of real money. Their loans are just book keeping entries. That means they lose nothing of any value when they report huge losses on paper.

But by exaggerating their losses on paper using dodgy accounting rules and statistics and by threatening to shut down if they don’t get bailout money, banks can squeeze billions in bailout money out of an economy, wreck it, wreck government finances and then foreclose on countless businesses and properties.

I am half minded to start a crowdfunding campaign to clap Andreas Georgiou as well as Gerry O Hanlon in jail for their fractional reserve banking fraud.


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