Tensions are mounting at Idomeni after “activists” have promised to help migrants in their latest effort to smash a border fence and invade Macedonian territory by supplying them with Molotov cocktails.


Migrants hijacked a train wagon to break the border fence filling it with rocks to use as weapons, but were stopped by Greek police.


Macedonia has complained that Greece is not using its police to prevent thousands of migrants from attempting to breach a border fence. Macedonian police had to use rubber bullets and tear gas to stop an invasion attempt two days ago.


What is Alexis Tsipras thinking? He seems to be thinking he can instrumentalize the migrants at Idomeni to literally create an invasion force to storm Europe using violence.

But Austria and the Balkan states are not going to open their borders to potentially tens of millions of migrants and now Greece is going to have to deal with these radicalized migrants on its territory.  If migrants, activists  and NGOs, get the idea they can smash any border fence, take over any country they please, that no laws or rules apply to them, Greece is looking at a black future.

Managing the migrants in Piraeus is already proving difficult.  The Mayor of Pireaus thinks the camp will not be cleared.


Soon the Greek police may have to use tear gas not just on the demonstrators against the migrant camp in Pireaeus but against the migrants themselves because the Tsipras government has encouraged a mind set of using mob violence to achieve goals.


Are activists going to encourage migrants to hijack passengers ships in Pireaus to get to the free food, welfare state of Germany at Merkel’s personal invitation?

Migrants are even threatening to throw babies at police. Someone who threatens to hurl a baby at police should be put under arrest. If a Greek person did that they would be put under arrest. Migrants do not exist in a legal vacuum on Greek territory. They must not get the idea that they do.



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