Papaioannou makes desperate bid to stop criminal charges

Just got a phone call from a secretary of State Prosecutor Katerina Papaioannou telling me I cannot file an appeal because she has falsely classified me as a witness and not a party.

 The criminal charges I filed on April 22, 2015 , state clearly that I wish to be a party to the legal action. My status cannot be changed from party to witness without my knowledge and agreement by Papaioannou or any other state prosecutor. I have never changed my status. She cannot unilaterally reclassify me as a witness and reduce all my rights.

Yesterday, I found out about the 50 euro fee required to be a party and I paid it and was able to access the file.


I should have been informed about the requirement to pay a fee by the court. I have the right to accurate information.

I am a party and therefore I have the right to appeal the judgement as well as to file criminal charges against Papaioannou. That is what I was told yesterday. I was even given the file code for the appeal.


The judgement leaves out vital evidence against Theodekti in violation of procedures to my disadvantage and is null and void.  The attempt to deny me an appeal by changing my status from party to witness is in this context a perversion of the course of justice. It is a sleight or ruse to try to stop me availing of my rights to due process.

As part of my appeal, I will establish my right to appeal a flawed judgement that substantially affects me and my life.

Worryingly, the court rang my lawyer and he then told him to tell me what they had told me I had no right to appeal, no right to file charges, it would all end up in the bin. Unacceptable. If I have evidence of crimes, and substantial violations of procedure, no state prosecutor and judge can through it away without exposing themselves to criminal charges. They have to follow procedures and due process.

The Areios Pagos does too. They have to do their job and ensure due process in my case or else expose themselves to charges of corruption. That is the way the law operates in the real world and that is the way it should operate in Greece too according to the rules.



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