Prize for most offensive Erdogan poem as revolt against Merkel’s censorship grows

The Spectator magazine is offering a prize for most offensive poem to Turkish President Recept Erdogan.

The prize comes as Germany’s Justice Minister is preparing to pass legislation in the next few days to abolish the country’s blasphemy law to prevent the prosecution of a German comedian.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas said he will take steps to abolish the country’s lese majeste law immediately after a rebellion against Angela Merkel for her decision to prosecute  comedian Jan Bohmermann for insulting Erdogan.

Nearly two thirds of Germans or 65% oppose Merkel’s decision to allow Bohmermann to be prosecuted, according to a media poll.

Will aim to submit something to the Spectator myself. A poem about mad dictators Merkel and Erdogan seeing eye to eye on censorship will make a pleasant change from writing appeals and criminal charges in my own personal media censorship battle.


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