Obama listens to Hamlet. A poem.

Barack Obama has been busy promoting the Globalist agenda on his latest tour of Europe, threatening the UK if it  vote for a Brexit and ordering the Germans to send their army to the Russian front.



I wonder what his thoughts were as he listened to Hamlet at the Globe theatre in London today?


In the spirit of celebrating the enduring magic of Shakespeare, I wrote this poem about just that question.


The Gap

Onto the stage I walk,
pause in the centre,
Searching with dread
for a clue of that something after death
for a clue to the mystery,
The undiscover’d country,
from which no traveller comes back.

I stand visible,
to invisible things.

From the point of view of reason,
life is a mystery.

It is outrageous fortune,
a sea of troubles,
I cannot take arms against.

It puzzles me,
The gap puzzles me,
the gap between between me, other things,
other people.

I think in terms of I, me,
here, there, now,
this, that,
the whips of time,
The oppressor’s wrong,
the proud man’s sneer,
The pangs of despis’d love,
the law’s delay,
The insolence of office.

But as I listen to Hamlet
I feel how that gap
between the way things really are
and the way I think about them
narrows, closes.
Reality becomes not a strange category
Opposite me
But a part of me.
For Hamlet is not talking about me,
singular me,
but about the totality,
the totality of me
which reaches back and forward
into infinity.

He is talking about the heavens and earth
and all things that were made in the beginning
and creating new thing,
forming new and beautiful things
in me, creating new clarity
and new mysteries.

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