Do our best dreams come from God?

Miguel de Cervantes’ book Don Quixote is a comical take on the power of dreams.

God can also produce ecstacy and dreams in us, according to Tertullian.  He said God produced the ecstasy of dreams in the first man, Adam.

“Thus, in the beginning, sleep was preceded by ecstasy, as we read: “God sent an ecstasy upon Adam, and he slept.” Sleep brought rest to the body, but ecstasy came over the soul and prevented it from resting, and from that time this combination constitutes the natural and normal form of the dream. ON THE SOUL 45.1–3.13 (ACCS)

Whenever God wants us to do something great in our lives, He puts us into a state of sleep and dreaming. In that dream state, we become receptive, transparent to a reality otherwise obscured by our prosaic material environment.

Joel Osteen talks about how important it is for us to re ignite our dreams, our life dream, given to us by God.  Especially in these difficult, bleak times, it’s important for us to kindle the fire in our soul and keep our dreams alive.



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