The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has rejected a cross-party plan to avert the first all out NHS strike in history, underlining his contempt for the safety of patients as well as for the UK population, who overwhelmingly back the junior doctors.

A woman was even booed by the Question Time audience for suggesting junior doctors joining the strike should sacked, showing the strength of public opinion.

A coalition of MPs over the weekend urged Jeremy Hunt to introduce the new junior doctors contract as a limited pilot scheme rather than impose the contract across England.

Labour’s Heidi Alexander, Conservative Dr Dan Poulter, Lib Dem Norman Lamb and the SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford asked in a letter for an independent evaluation of what seem to be higher mortality rates for patients admitted at weekends.

“You will be aware that medical leaders, royal colleges and patient groups have said the imposition or unilateral introduction of the contract is the wrong approach and risks permanent damage to the future of the medical workforce.

“If it remains your intention to introduce this new contract, we believe it should be piloted in a number of trusts/across a number of deaneries and for its impact on patients, staff and the ‘weekend effect’ to be independently evaluated,” they wrote.

The crisis in UK hospitals is already so severe, even without the imposition of the contract, that an Accident and Emergency department in Lancester asked for help from the army.

But Jeremy Hunt cares more about bankers, and driving the austerity policies lining the pockets of bankers.

The solution to austerity is not cuts but sovereign money. The future of the NHS will be underpinned by sovereign money. The rationale for imposing a contract on junior doctors destroyed by sovereign money.

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