Managed to submit my appeal against the decision of State Prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou at Larisa court this afternoon just before Greece shuts down to celebrate Orthodox Easter on Sunday, May 1st.

Court officials are obliged to follow clearly defined procedures when handling legal actions., and Larisa court officials recognized this.

If a person is a party, has paid the required fees, filled out the necessary forms, and appeals within the set time limit, then that person’s appeal must be reviewed according to procedures.

A copy of the receipt of my appeal below.

A huge amount of effort seems to have been expended in trying to prevent me from seeing the verdict and being able to make an appeal.  It will be interesting to see what the result of the review is.

I would like to take the opportunity to reassure state prosecutors like Christina Fasoula and Katarina Papaioannou that my legal action will be directed primarily at those who apparently ordered them or suggested to them that they pervert the course of justice, and not at them as low ranking officials. I will not accept a situation where they have to take all the entire blame when very powerful people seem to be giving the instructions behind the scenes.

appeal pic

Appeal pdf


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