Went to the tax office in Larisa to pay the 300 euro fee that I had been told has to be paid in order to file an appeal and was, at first, refused the right to pay it.

The tax official behind the counter saw my name, went to his manager, and returned to tell me the state prosecutor had rung from Larisa court and told them to refuse my fee payment. The grounds given were that I was wasting my money. But if I do not pay a required fee then my appeal will not be considered.

With the help of the other people waiting in the queue of the tax office, I was able to assert my right to pay a fee for an appeal in a legal action with my own money against considerable resistance. It is unacceptable that Larisa court rings my lawyers, rings the tax office and tries to interfere in my case.

Here is proof of payment of the 300 euro fee with the codes needed for an appeal as I was told were needed by Larisa court officials on Monday 18th April.

fee appeal

A pdf of the fee payment form.


Just making the last preparations to deposit my appeal. Late start today after I was told yesterday not to turn on the hot water boiler because it could explode any moment, requiring the boiler to be changed today…

The from that has to be signed by a justice official ready. If they refuse to sign it, it is illegal. I am a party and have a right of appeal and I have paid the fee for the appeal.




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