Olympic flame comes to Larisa. A poem.

The Olympic flame arrived in Larisa yesterday evening as part of a torch relay taking it around Greece before it heads to Brazil.



Hundreds, if not thousands of people, lined the main street of Larisa to watch the arrival of the flame.

I happened to see in the streets close to the local library. Thrilling to see a free flame in a city. The Olympic flame left Larisa central square this morning on its journey to Athens.


Fire, from the mountain,
free and restless
passed from hand to hand,
on the way.

Not a body
with heaviness,
but a process,
heat and higher,

Where the orange stops,
and the red begins,
who can say,
where the flames end,
and the air begins.

Fleeting appearance of light,
as it flies along,
burning in our bones,
burning in our hearts,
on their way.

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