The UK’s Health’s Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s appearance on a BBC current affairs show will fuel speculation he needs a holiday (Greece?).

Hunt gave a standing interview and twitched nervously as he fielded questions about the junior doctors strike now entering the second day of the first all out strike in NHS history with huge public support.

The Express mocks Hunt…

“The under-fire Health Secretary bizarrely requested standing during yesterday’s interview with James O’Brien, according to the presenter.

Hunt, who faces growing calls to resign, then struggled to bat away accusations that the health service is being “denuded and denigrated”.

Hunt’s appearance on the current affairs show was roundly mocked by social media users last night.

Janet T Beckett ‏tweeted: “Well that was weird – James O’Brien standing-up interview with a twitching, lying Jeremy Hunt.”

Anton Emmanuel ‏added: “Presume Hunt did interview standing up so he could run if needed. Grow up and talk to the Junior Doctors.”

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