As Greece and other Orthodox countries celebrate Good Friday, it’s worth taking a moment to think about what true death and true life is.

Out of the cave

John 11:43 Then he said in a loud voice, Lazarus, come out!

Lazarus, Come out!
Come out of that cave.
Stop watching the shadows on the wall.
Come out into the glorious light.
The blue heights of the sky
are waiting for you.
The garden is filled with perfume.
Dew drops glisten on the roses.

I pushed away the stone.
The heaviness of egoism,
The solidity of fleshiness.
There’s nothing blocking your way.
Don t worry about all those bandages
hanging from your hands and feet.
They aren’t the chains you think they are.
You can peel them off
when you are outside.

Everything is a mystery.
But the biggest mystery of all
is why you chose the tomb,
chose the cave, death
when you could have had life.

Seems like you have forgotten
You made the choice.
Been sitting in that cave so long
you’ve forgotten what the world outside,
Now you’re too frightened to leave.
And that is why I have come to fetch you
Even if I have to go into the tomb
into that narrow, dark place,
to help coax you out myself.


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