I have just sent an email to European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, MEPs and others concerning the letter originating from Greece’s Ministry of Interior proving that the government of Alexis Tsipras organized a cover up of a de facto murder attempt against me. See below.

Remember, mainstream media have stamped me and others who question the official narrative as a so called conspiracy theorist, i.e. a person who imagines horror scenarios and persecution. Now a letter from Greece’s ministry of interior confirms government organized persecution of me on account of my journalism activities on a vast scale. And all of this while the country is being supervised by the European Commission among other bodies on account of its fractional reserve, paper “debt” and continuing after Juncker actually dares write me a letter feigning support.

My email…

Dear President Jean Claude Juncker,

You wrote to me in December concerning my freedom of the press violation case in Greece and I would like to update you on it.

A letter from Greece’s Ministry of Interior establishes that an elaborate plan to cover up a de facto murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities in Greece in April 2015 was organized by the government of Alexis Tsipras.

Please see attachment 1.

Ministry of Interior letter

I alleged in October 2015 that Alexis Tsipras and George Soros are, in fact, among the orchestrators of the effort to silence me. And now it has emerged that the orders for a systematic cover up of a de facto murder attempt made against me in Greece did indeed come directly from Alexis Tsipras’ government. I now allege that it is reasonable to claim that Tsipras himself gave the orders as the main beneficiary of any effort to gag a critical journalist.

I have established beyond a doubt that both Alexis Tsipras and his close associate Billionaire George Soros have direct, personal knowledge of my blog, birdflu666.

You may be aware of a widely circulated article in which George Soros uses nearly exactly the same vocabulary and phrases as I do in a report which I posted one day earlier on the migrant crisis, but while making the opposite policy recommendation.

Some of the phrases that Soros uses that come directly from my blog post of only 600 words  or so, include “migrants who do not qualitfy for asylum”, “processing centres”, “in a safe an orderly” (manner), “Greece and Italy”, “The EU should” and “the EU needs”, “asylum seekers”, “another political crisis” and of course “George Soros”. Statistically, there is no explanation for so many similarities other than direct, purposeful copying.

Tsipras also reproduced a rare spelling mistake in Greek letters of Werner Faymann that I made when I reported on the meeting between Faymann and Tsipras in February 2015. The only explanation for why Tsipras introduced a spelling mistake I make on my blog is that he reads my blog posts about him.

All of this evidence is incidentally also posted on my birdflu666 blog together with a copy of this letter to you today.


The letter I just obtained originating from the Ministry of Interior, dated September 22nd, 2015, shows that the ministry invented a fake person to suppress a proper investigation into my case.

The Ministry of Interior names as a contact person a Larisa police official, Evangelas Toutounas, who directed, in a handwritten note, the investigation last summer already to the wrong person, wrong clergy and wrong financial transfers in violation of every rule.

The Ministry of Interior letter was obtained by me after I gained access to the file only by accident. As part of a campaign of deceit and intimidation, vital information about my case has been withheld from me by state prosecutors apparently acting under orders of the Ministry of Justice. Every attempt has been made to deny me my right to appeal. My Appeal, in fact, exposes staggering corruption and dishonesty implicating not just Larisa police, state prosecutors and lawyers, but also the Supreme Court in Athens and now the Ministry of Interior itself.



Appeal ENG

Appeal GRFINAL-gr

You wrote to me in December 2015, claiming to take a personal interest in my case. And yet, the perversion of justice, intimidation and threat to me has continued as before and everyone can read about it on my blog and see what your “support” means.

I ask you how is it possible that you, as Commissioner who claims to be interested in protecting the freedom of the press, who claims to supervise the bailouts, are not able to stop this flagrant criminality, this brazen persecution of a journalist, this brazen  misuse of public funds (the salaries of the Greek police, justice officials and state officials are subsidized by tax payers)? have made no difference at all? Why does Alexis Tsipras not take you seriously?

The public has a right to now what is really going on in Greece and Europe, don’t you agree, and that means protecting journalists. It has a right to information about the private creation of money, an engineered migrant crisis and orchestrated swine flu and Ebola epidemics, entailing mass vaccination plans with risky vaccines. My blog was one of the first, and is one of the last independent blogs, because of the constant clandestine efforts to undermine genuine freedom of the media by individuals such as Tsipras, misusing the apparatus of the state to carry out criminal activities while the European Commission actively offers support.

It is time for you to resign over your disastrous record which has taken Europe to the edge of collapse through your failure to take freedom of the media seriously, law and orderly seriously, through your role in the Greek bailout fiasco, the swine flu vaccine disaster and the migrant crisis.

I note your Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avamapoulos announced plans in 20009 to vaccinate every single person in Greece with the dangerous experimental swine flu vaccine, since proven by governments in the Uk, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, among others, to have caused narcolepsy and other autoimmune diseases.

Given the record of you, your Commissioners and your team, there can be no better way of displaying your often professed love of Europe than by stepping down together with all of them.

I will post this letter on my blog. I have no intention of giving my readers the false impression you care about freedom of the press or law and order or anything at all except apparently helping your friends like Alexis Tsipras continue their crime spree at the expense of the European public.

Your sincerely,

Jane Buergermeister
birdflu666 wordpress blog
Larisa, Greece

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