Postponement at Larisa court

The hearing on the defamation lawsuit filed by XX has been postponed until June 17th because of the ongoing lawyer’s strike.

Lawyer XX has asked for about ten of my blog posts to be taken down, most of which do not even mention him. The posts contain links to the criminal charges highlighting the irregular acts of police official Evangelas Toutounas and other justice officials., raising the question of his true motive.

Some bar associations in Greece will be going back to work after the Eurogroup meeting on Tuesday 24th of May. But the Larisa bar association is to extend its strike until June 3rd, and perhaps for longer, in protest at the crushing tax and social security hikes. 

Alexis Tsipras is pushing through a new package of legislation for more tax hikes, the privatization of just about every utility in Greece, and for the slashing of pensions and salaries this Sunday ahead of the Europgroup meeting.

KKR, the US equity fund which owns Singular Logic, the IT company that controls every aspect of Greece’s elections, has done a deal to take over more than a billion euros worth of non performing loans on the books of Alpha Bank and Eurobank.

After court in Larisa today… Next selfie after court on June 17th.



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