The voices of those warning that the EU is in the process of collapse are growing.

Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove warned earlier this week that Europe faces a “populist uprising” if it is unable to show people it can control the migrant crisis.

He also warned against offering visa-free travel to Turkish nationals, describing the plan (also unnecessary since the closure of the Macedonian border reduced the migrant inflow) as like storing gasoline near a fire.

Marine Le Pen today in an interview with RT added to the warnings that the collapse of the EU is imminent.

The key question may, therefore, no longer be whether there will be a Brexit or a Grexit but whether there will soon be any EU left in tact to exit from.

From RT…

The EU is on the brink of collapse, as two of its main “pillars” are “crumbling” despite the billions of euros spent on keeping the structure from falling, far-right French leader Marine Le Pen told RT, adding that the union would fail if France left it.

“The two pillars on which it’s founded – Schengen and the euro – are in the process of crumbling,” Le Pen told Marie De Douhet of RT France in an exclusive interview. “So they’re in a sort of mad downward spiral in which they’re capable of anything today to try and keep this building standing.”

The leader of France’s hard-right Front National party believes the collapse is not a matter of “if” but “when,” saying the EU “shines from the light of a dead star” while its leaders are struggling to play for time “at the cost of billions trying to hold this structure up.”

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