Austria’s state TV ORF has been caught red handed in trying to falsify the result of the presidential election today.

The ORF’s news online stated that Norbert Hofer got 1,937 863 votes 0r 51.93% of the vote, which is enough to make him the winner of the presidential elections today. And yet the main headline of the state TV channel is the false claim that Hofer, who is against TTIP and open borders, and his rival have gained the same amount of votes.

This is a screenshot of the main headline of the ORF presidential election result this evening claiming that Hofer has the same amount of votes as van der Bellen.


And this is a screenshot of the ORF’s result “in detail” taken at the same time.

hofer 2

The ORF’s own online infograph shows that Norbert Hofer got about 140,000 more votes than Alexander van der Bellen and has 51.93% compared to 48.07% of the vote. The headline that the two candidates have the same amount of votes is not justified by the facts.

It is common to round up percentages to the nearest whole percent so Hofer’s has won 52% of the vote compared to 48% for Globalist candidate van der Bellen.

The ORF election falsification and spin is so brazen that it has already attracted criticism from politicians on the alert for election fraud, mainly through the record number of postal votes.


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