Globalist candidate and Green Party leader Alexander van der Bellen has won the presidential elections in Austria due to postal votes, according to Interior Ministry results.

The only problem is that the results were posted at 9 pm last night before the counting of postal votes had started. The record number of postal votes is actually scheduled to be counted today.


In addition, the postal votes attributed to Van der Bellen on the Interior Ministry website are not enough for him to win. This can be figured out by anyone knowing simple arithmetic and underlines just how desperate the establishment are to get van der Bellen announced as the next president.

The story went viral on the internet, forcing the Interior Ministry to remove the results. A spokesperson claimed the results were a “test” which had gone on online by mistake.

The incident  has fuelled fears that Austria’s presidential elections have been fixed, and that the establishment are determined to deny Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer the post by any means they can.

While demonized by the mainstream media as a far right candidate, Hofer has promoted an agenda which resists Globalist take over. He is, for example, against TTIP and against mass illegal immigration.

Establishment media are carrying headlines of a run off election on a knife edge between van der Bellen and candidate Norbert Hofer when Hofer had, in fact, obtained 144,000 more votes and an almost 4% lead.

Postal votes are notoriously open to fraud.

Who, after all, is going to check if all those little old ladies in care homes really did tick the box for van der Bellen?

It would be no surprise if van der Bellen does become president as a result of them today.
It remains to be seen whether the Freedom Party will contest any such result as they should or whether they will accept what seems to be a stolen election.

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