Monsanto’s failure to relicense weedkiller glyphosate in Europe has made it more vulnerable to take over bids, and now German pharmaceutical giant Bayer has approached the US corporiation for talks on a merger to create a global agri giant producing pesticides and seeds.

Monsanto and the EU Commission have met stiffer opposition than expected to plans to relicense its weedkiller glyphosate, which it markets under the name Roundup, and which studies show cause cancer to humans.

Italy, France, Sweden and the Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria and Denmark oppose a new 15-year EU wide licence for glyphosate creating a qualified majority.

While Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is in favour of renewing the license of the carcinogenic weedkiller, most of the rest of her government oppose it, and, as a result, Germany will abstain from the vote.

A failure to push through relicensing of glysophate will be a major blow to the Globalists, who seem to be turning to pesticides and other poisons to promote their well documented agenda of controlling the world’s population as scepticism about vaccines, especially epdidemic vaccines, grows.

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