In 2000, pictures of former Vice President Al Gore battling to have a recount in the Florida vote that decided the presidentaial election dominated the media.

Gore eventually took the dispute all the way to the Supreme Court, where a recount was eventually blocked. George Bush won the battle to be President the tiniest of margins in Florida after thousands of votes were rejected and after partisan handling of absentee ballots.

In retrospect, we have to say hats off to Globalist Al Gore. Though a Globalist, he gave a good theatrical performance of trying to ensure democratic elections.

The same cannot be said of the fake opposition Freedom Party leadership which has just lost in another “Florida” style election stitch up, but cannot even be bothered mustering the appearance of anger, let alone action.

This afternoon, just one day after staggering evidence of election fraud has emerged mainly on the social media, candidate Norbert Hofer has announced he will not contest the election result which gave victory to establishment candidate Alexander van der Bellen by a mere 31,000 votes.

His anaemic performance makes not just Al Gore but also Alexis Tsipras look like a first class actor.

Hofer said today that no evidence of manipulation had emerged even as the social media fills up with hard evidence of thousands of “phantom votes” for Alexander van der Bellen, which have been identified in two locations alone, Linz and Waidhausen an der Ybbs.

The head of the election authorities in the Ministry of Austria is, moreover, active as a politician for the Social Democrats in a Vienna district in a clear conflict of interest.

By deciding today without any serious investigation not to contest the election result, Hofer has betrayed voters across Austria, who deserve a fair and democratic election.  He has allowed himself to become complicit in voter fraud. His non election is no loss for Austria. The fiasco surrounding these elections is a warning to Austria’s to focus on a reform of the entire electoral system and political parties.

Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache today made the faint promise to look at the countless complaints of election fraud pouring in from voters before making a decision about whether (not) to contest the vote.

Instead of wasting their time sending evidence of voter fraud to Strache, voters would do better to organize their own initiative for an investigation and a new election with another candidate.

Just minutes after calling on Austrians to vote for Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer, the facebook site of Anonymous was taken offline.

Anonymous has two million and is one of the most influential social media platforms in the German speaking world, and it may have influenced the result.

However, as we now know nothing would have changed under fake opposition of Hofer, Strache and Kickl.


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