Just been putting the finishing touches to a letter to the President of the Greek Supreme Court Vassiliki Thanaou drawing her attention to the fact that the prosecutor who has been assigned to investigate her, Efstathias Spyropoulou, has been caught red handed in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in my own case. 

Given the verifiable evidence I am able to present of the corruption of Spyropoulou, I do not believe that Vassiliki Thanou can expect a fair and impartial investigation. Rather, it appears that the investigation has been launched to serve as a pretext to smear her and remove her from her office to allow corruption by politicians and businessmen to continue with impunity.

I  have also drafted charges against Spyropoulou for the consideration of Vassiliki Thanou…If necessary, I will go to Athens again myself and hand in all the documents in hard copies as I did in April all over again.



Supreme Court, Greece
The President

Dear President of the Supreme Court of Greece, Vassiliki Thanou Christophilou,

I am writing to you concerning evidence that deputy prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou belonging to the criminal division of the Supreme Court is guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice in my case.

Prosecutor Spyropoulou has been assigned to investigate a complaint filed against you by banker Andreas Vgenopoulos.

I present evidence also in the form of charges that I would like to formally file hereby with you (please see attachment) that Spyropoulou concealed substantial violations of proecudure in my case in Larisa, known to her for several weeks at least, and so enabled an attempts to pervert the course to continue.

I believe this evidence of corruption should be concern to you since it rules out, in my view, that Spyropoulou will conduct a fair and impartial investigation .

I managed to lodge an appeal on April 28th, and prosecutor Spyropoulou herself could face a serious penalty for her role in the event of justice is administered in accordance with the law, and my appeal is granted.

My case involves staggering evidence of corruption among Larisa police officials and state prosecutors, implicating the government of Alexis Tsipras itself.

A letter has emerged showing that the Ministry of Interior instructing police to question a fake person, “Th. Vallianatou” invented, it seems, to divert the investigation away from the real culprit Abbess Theodekti of the monastery of St John the Forerunner other wise known as Polychornia Danou Vallianatou, but never knwon as Th. Vallianatou.

Other elements in the perversion of justice include colluding with the culprits to allow them to give false statements to the police and suppressing essential witnesses and evidence.

It cannot be ruled out that prosecutor Spyropoulou will either engage in or allow others to engage in a similar invention of evidence, fake witnesses in her “investigation” against you, which seems to be motivated by a desire to stop investigations into corruption by bankers, politicians and others.

I would be happy to meet you or your lawyer in the event that you would like more information or wish to submit an application for Spyropoulou to be removed from your case because of the conflicts of interest and evidence of her corruption.

I attach
1. a copy of charges against Spyropoulou
2. confirmation that Spyropoulou received copies of all the evidence of the perversion of justice in my case from me on April 4th, 2016 (documents concerning my case were sent by Larisa court officials to the Areios Pagos in February I was told)
3. The appeal I lodged on April 28th 2016 detailing more attempts to pervert the course of justice
4. confirmation that I lodged the appeal

Documents concerning my case can be seen on my blog under a post “Documents for my case in Larisa” (Parts 1 and 2) where they can be downloaded to avoid not being able to send them because of restrictions in the size of attachment that can be sent with emails.

Also, all the documents listed in 2 should be in the file of Spyropoulou as confirmed by the receipt dated April 4th, 2016.

I am happy to bring hard copies of any documents you wish to see in person if you so wish.

Please note I will send a copy of this letter to the Parliament of Greece and write to other parliaments around Europe, including Germany, to ask them to support you in this case.

What appears to be a smear attempt being made against you by a prosecutor proven to be corrupt is unacceptable, not least because it undermines the economic stability of Greece, something which should be of concern to the country’s creditors.

Your sincerely,

Jane Burgermeister

Larisa, Greece



I would like to file charges against

deputy prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou,
Supreme Court of Greece,
for conspiring to pervert the course of justice.


My case, serious in itself, involves a public interest factor in as far as a de facto murder attempt made against me in April 2015 by Theodekti on account of my journalistic activities.

An investigation started after I filed charges at Larisa police station in April 2015. (See )

Given the evidence, an investigation should have been carried out which would have led to the conviction of Theodekti and her associates.

Instead, police and justice officials committed a series of acts, which perverted the course of justice, including suppressing evidence, excluding essential witnesses, directing the investigation to an invented and fake persons,  including only non essential or biased witnesses, allowing the accused to give false statements to the police, giving false statements to me and engaging in acts of intimidation.


In February, I submitted evidence of the above and I was told by Larisa court officials that my case was sent to the Supreme Court in Athens.

On April 4th, I submitted in person an entire set of the evidence to the Areios Pagos as a receipt confirms. A court official confirmed in a handwritten note to me that the prosecutor assigned to my case was Spyropoulou ()

All these documents should be in the file of Spyropoulou. In case they are not, there are available as downloads from my birdflu666 blog under the post “Documents for my case in Larisa” (Parts 1 and 2)

The Larisa state prosecutor Christian Fasoula stepped down from the case which was resigned to  state prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou, who continued to commit more acts of perverting the course of justice, including giving false and misleading information.

Spyropoulou, as the highest ranking prosecutor with the ultimate responsibility for ensuring a proper investigation into the substantial violations of procedure documented with solid evidence and brought to her attention, however, proceeded to
conceal the perversion of justice in order to enable police officers, state prosecutors and high ranking officials and Orthodox Clergy to avoid arrest for offences committed and in order to enable them to continue to commit further offences.

The fact that Spyropoulou had the information for several weeks about the many, serious acts connected with the perversion of justice in Larisa in my case and acts of intimidation, and these continued to be committed by larisa justice officials, shows that her act of concealment was not an error, spontaneous and unplanned but was prolonged, deliberate and determined.


I allege Spyropoulou was motivated by misplaced loyalty to state prosecutors and police officers in Larisa caught in the act of perverting the course of justice but also to the Ministry of Interior and Justice and ultimately to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, himself, implicated in my case in as far as I was able to prove that he had direct and personal knowledge of my blog, a motive for wishing to silence me and an opportunity.

Her approach, and the approach of other justice officials, resulted in serious harm to me, which I was only able to attempt to correct with an appeal after much effort and lodged after justice officials made false statements to me and under intimidation.

As cases of corruption involving banker Andreas Vgenopoulos and as my case proceeds through the appeals court and could even soon be examined by Supreme Court President Vassiliki Thanou, I allege that Spyropoulou together with her polticial and business associates, specifically banker Andreas Vgenopoulos, contrived a plan to make false accusations against and smear Thanou in order to have her removed from her post.


The unambiguous evidence I present of the corruption of Spyropoulou is so serious that they require an immediate investigation, also into the role of the Minister of Justice and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

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