A blog devoted to Mount Athos is featuring a Russian documentary called “A thousand years on Mount Athos” showing lots of beautiful buildings and treasures.


The celebrations were attended today by President Vladimir Putin, making his second official visit to the world’s only monks republic under the control of the Patriarch of Constantinople at a time when Russia is facing economic sanctions, political isolation and military threats.


Putin was complicit in the massacre of Polish elite at the staged Smolensk plane crash so most likely his allegiance is to the Globalists and not to God…

Perhaps the greatest Russian treasure on Mount Athos is the original copy of the spiritual classic and one of my favourite books “The Way of the Pilgrim.”

“The pilgrim is the universal Everyman, and like the narrator of Piers the Plowman is on a pilgrim’s journey without real destination on earth, a pilgrim journey in which “the way” is itself the whole point.”


You can read a translation, albeit it in pretty dodgy English, here…


By the grace of God I am a Christian man, by my actions a great sinner, and by calling a homeless wanderer of the humblest birth who roams from place to place. My worldly goods are a knapsack with some dried bread in it on my back, and in my breast pocket a Bible. And that is all.

On the twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost I went to church to say my prayers there during the liturgy. The first Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians was being read,
and among other words I heard these—”Pray without ceasing.” It was this text, more than any other, which forced itself upon my mind, and I began to think how it was possible to pray without ceasing, since a man has to concern himself with other things also in order to make a living.

It was fun to watch some of the live stream today from Mount Athos,  a unique glimpse into the world’s only republic of monks. Thank God.

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