A group calling themselves Blaue Allianz seems to have uncovered evidence that there were two electronic voting systems in operation during the Austrian presidential election to enable election fraud.



There seems to have been an official electronic voting system issuing official results. But behind that public layer of vote counting, there seems to have been another electronic system operating using the real results, which, in turn, seem to be inconsistent with the official results.

The advantage to anyone engaged in election fraud of using a parallel countring system would be that they could calculate in real time just how many votes had to be fraudulently added to win the election, and distribute them as evenly as possible among districts, especially urban areas, and voter types (postal votes) to avoid attracting attention.

The problem in the case of the establishment “open borders” candidate Alexander van der Bellen seems to have been that he obtained such a small overall proportion of the vote that a massive inflation of fraudulent votes was needed to allow him to win, albeit by just a razor thin official margin, and the huge number of irregularities have drawn the attention of the entire country.

The populist Freedom Party leadership failed to send observers to the polling stations in spite of an invitation and warnings of election fraud, raising questions about their competence or complicity.

It is to be assumed that many Social Democrats and Conservatives voted overwhelmingly for the candidate advocating closed borders Norbert Hofer in the second round.

The Blaue Allianz group promises more details on Tuesday when they file their charges contesting the vote before the one week deadline elapses.

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