Will not be intimidated, Alexis

Just drafted my letter to serve as my statement to the state prosecutor tomorrow.  See below.

I know Alexis Tsipras reads my blog so he can see for themselves that I am not going to be intimidated by the misuse of criminal defamation charges.

You can read the evidence that Billionaire George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have direct, personal knowledge of my blog and copy from it here.


In fact, I argue this makes them the prime suspects in the organizing the de facto murder attempt made against me in Greece in April 2015. The scale of the cover up, involving the creation of a fake person by Larisa police and the Ministry of Interior certainly supports that view.

Little wonder that a new poll shows 75% of the Greeks do not trust Alexis Tsipras.


If the state prosecutor wants an oral statement tomorrow, then he will have to supply me with a court certified translation into English. I cannot be pressured to sign a statement in Greek, which could be falsified, that I do not understand. I have the right as part of due process to a certified translation and I will not allow anyone to violate my rights.

On Tuesday, I look forward to filing charges against the lawyer, the prosecutor and the person in charge of Larisa criminal court department in Larisa Grigori Papadimitria as well as prosecutor Katerina Papaionnou.

I look forward to exposing corruption and to obtaining justice.  Every single time any prosecutor or judge tries to trick me, suppress evidence or falsely accuse me, they will get charges pressed against them and I will not rest until they are held to account for their proven crimes.  These individuals are a danger not only to me but to all of Greece. Their corruption is contributing to the destruction of their country.


To the prosecutor, Larisa criminal court,
XX has filed criminal defamation charges against me in Thessaloniki after withholding all the evidence that shows that my claims are factual. He knows of the existence of all this evidence as is shown by the fact that he refers to ten blog posts with links to that very evidence, asking this very evidence to be removed as part of his lawsuit.

Moreover, XX has not supplied a single document, email or verifiable piece of evidence that any of my claims are false.

In short, XX has added nothing materially new to his civilian lawsuit which he filed in February. The civil court in Larisa, however, rejected his request for a temporary injunction precisely because of all the evidence I was able to supply that my claims were factual and precisely because he was not able to offer any evidence my claims were false.

By withholding evidence that my claims are factual and by failing to supply evidence that my claims are false, XX is giving false testimony and making a false accusation.

This fact must be clear to you, as prosecutor. It must be clear to you as prosecutor that the law does not allow you to open an investigation without evidence of a crime. Yet you have done so, exposing yourself to the accusation of bias and crimnal charges, which I will file.

XX, with your help, is misusing a defamation lawsuit to try to intimidate me, a journalist, exposing evidence of his corruption and the corruption of others in his network on my blog.

Specifically, XX has asked for blog posts to be removed that contain evidence that police official Evangelis Toutounas misdirected an investigaiton into a de facto murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities by Theodekti, Abbess of St John the Forerunner, to a fake person “Th. Vallianatou” in a handwritten note.

A Ministry of Interior letter to Larisa police has since emerged naming that same same fake person “Th. Vallianatou” as a person to be questioned alongside the real culprit Theodekti, confirming my allegations.

The Ministry of Interior letter admits “Th. Vallianatou” is fake in as far as police are instructed to find out the tax number and ID of this person. That, is to say “Th. Vallianatou” has no basis in reality.

In fact, witness statements show that “Th. Vallianatou” was never questioned.

In as far as my claims about Toutonas and others are factual they are covered by my right to freedom of the media.

I have the right to expose evidence of corruption by Greek police, justice officials, lawyers and others as long as I have evidence.

The evidence has been submitted to various courts numerous times including to the President of the Areois Pagos Vasiliki Thanou on Thursday 2nd June.

I also submitted evidence of a cover up by Areios Pagos deputy prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou, who was assigned my case in February, and who has allowed the perversion of justice to continue.

Spyropoulou is now investigating Thanou after banker Andreas Vgenolopoulos filed charges against her.

I will file charges against you as a prosecutor for opening an investigation although you have no evidence of defamation and significant evidence that I have committed no act of defamation as confirmed by the civil court decision of Judge Ragani shows.

I will also file charges against Grigori Papadimitria for her role in orchestrating this ongoing misuse of the justice system to intimidate a journalist.

I insist you drop this investigation immediately and confirm it in writing or hand this investigation over to a competent prosecutor who follows the rules and drops this investigation.

Also, I would like you to note that I will not sign any statement in Greek without a certified English translation. It is a violation of my rights to fair process if you should try to pressure me to sign a statement in another language I do not understand, which could be falsified.

Evidence is attached. I would like confirmation you have received all this evidence as is my right. You do not have the right to supress, hide or withhold evidence that I hand in or to refuse to acknowledge its receipt.

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