By Zeno Fratton, Italy,

I’d just like to comment tomorrow’s Rome election and Virginia Raggi’s winning chances.

Although, as far as I’ve read and heard, I can imagine Virginia Raggi is a very clever and well prepared person, I don’t think a victory of her: anti-establishment movement is a good thing. Movimento 5 Stelle has not yet become strong enough to take the  risk of a probable political failure in Rome.
Rome is one of the toughest cities in Europe to role. Large mafia groups still have a lot of power. Corruption is omnipresent.
A political movement like M5S, which claims to be Italy’s most honest political group, could only get embarrassed, to say the least, by a difficult Roman victory.
Only a magician or a very expert politician could save Rome, and that isn’t M5S’s case, at least for now.
A different situation is happening in the big north-western city of Turin: Movimento5Stelle would get fame and a favourable publicity from its candidate’s Chiara Appendino victory.
Turin is a much easier city to rule, but already a very big and important one.
By winning in Turin, M5S could show to have come of age and be ready to govern Italy.

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