Pleasant trip to Larisa court, judge does duty and accepts evidence

An almost agreeable trip to Larisa court today. Judge Gara took my letter, my oral statement (which I have to get translated into English but expect to be an accurate reflection), my mountain of evidence and said she would send it all (via a truck perhaps?) to Thessaloniki where a prosecutor has started an investigation into defamation charges filed by lawyer.

The lawyer presented as his only evidence my own blog posts and charges while withholding all the evidence I present to justify my statements.

The prosecutor in Thessaloniki is expected to take a staggering four months to review the evidence and make a decision. That even though the very fact that XX has failed to produce a single document, email or piece of evidence that any of my statements are not factually correct should make it crystal clear to him that XX’ claim has no basis whatsoever.

A pleasantly professional, efficient and mercifully brief meeting in Larisa court.



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