Bizarre details of Bilderberg conference format revealed in German media

French insurance chief Henri de Castries, chairman of the Bilderberg Group’s steering committee, has revealed that the 130 politicians and business politicians attending this years meeting in Dresden will be seated in alphabetical order in a conference room.

In an interview with Die Welt, Henri de Castries said that the Bilderberg conference followed a set format. He said there was a podium, a moderator who presented the topics and one, two or occasionally three participants who then gave their views.

De Castries claimed the presentation of views is followed by an open discussion. But it is hard to imagine how an open discussion can be conducted in a conference room with 130 people seated in alphabetical order. 

In fact, the conference format described by de Castries resembles military briefings where junior officers are called on in turns to  give information or updates on situations or operations to the commanding officer, who then adjusts mission statements and  issues new instructions.

The bizarre conference format described by De Castries also bears an eery similarities to the Spectre meeting held by arch villain Franz Oberhauser in Rome, which is infiltrated by James Bond (and very easily, too, considering it is supposed to a secretive, high security meeting)


Spectre assassin Mr Hinx gouges out the eyes and the breaks the neck of a minion who does not show the requisite subservience at the meeting…

Any similarity between James Bond and the Bilderberg conference should not surprise since the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming was a British secret service agent with close links to Germany.

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